The Migraine Clinic is a unique individually focused treatment experience. During your stay at the clinic you will receive cutting edge migraine treatment, from a group of specialists from around the world, while enjoying a luxury retreat in a beautiful resort destination. They will all be in one place, at one time, with one goal; to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of your migraines while also improving your response to medication. The Migraine Clinic is all about YOU. You will be treated according to a dynamic, tailored, individual migraine resolution plan. Targeting your health on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

The Migraine Clinic is designed to assist in improving all levels of your migraine condition with only one stay. You will leave The Migraine Clinic with many tools, aids, and pieces of equipment that will assist you in your battle with migraine. So allow for an extra bag when you book your flights! A treatment summary will be provided for your primary healthcare provider at the end of the clinic to aid in your continued care. You will have dedicated professionals whose sole purpose during this time is to support your healing process. At The Migraine Clinic we work to reduce your experience of migraine by structurally removing potential causes of brainstem sensitization. Simultaneously, we work to resolve the cascade of secondary health problems caused by chronic stress illnesses using a combination of approaches.

Every, aspect of your stay at the migraine clinic will be considered with the utmost care. From your individually customized meals to the scent of your body wash, no detail is too small. At the Migraine Clinic we take care of you.

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