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  • Do you or someone you love get migraines?
  • Do you wish there was something other than pharmaceutical drugs that actually works?
  • Do you live in fear of the next migraine attack?

Yes... then keep reading...

If you answered yes to any of the questions above Cefaly may be the answer for you.

Now a drug free approach to migraine is possible.

The Cefaly is a user friendly tens device. An electrode placed on the forehead between the eyebrows interacts with the Cefaly device to produce electrical stimulation that anesthetises the trigeminal nerve.

FDA and TGA approved.

FDA and TGA approved to decrease migraine frequency by up to 70% when used daily. That's a similar effectiveness as medications, without all the side effects.

*See below for full side effect and contraindication profile.

Prevent migraine, treat a migraine attack, and improve mood and sleep disturbances.

The Cefaly has 3 x 20 minute programs aimed at 1. acute migraine resolution 2. prevention of migraine frequency 3. stress release, improved sleep, improved mood and well being. The Cefaly is specifically approved by the FDA for its success in migraine prevention especially.

LONG-TERM DATA More than 20 years of experience

Neurostimulation has been used for more than 20 years with devices that are implanted in the head and which work constantly for several years. The only problems encountered with implantable neurostimulators relate to the surgical procedure involved to implant them, and never to the neurostimulation technique itself. This is why this technique is regarded as exceptionally safe. Cefaly's great breakthrough is to allow this technique of neurostimulation to be used in an external and gentle manner.

Cefaly Use

The Cefaly runs on 2 easily replaceable AA batteries. Make sure the latch is closed AND switched up after replacement. This is a very common oversight. The 3 pack of electrodes can last up to 2 months if stored carefully.

Cefaly, like all migraine solutions, doesn't work for everyone. However if Cefaly is the right solution for you, the results can be life changing.

The Cefaly Package - What you get ...

This patented treatment offers real relief of migraines with an efficient nerve stimulation approach. This is your migraine relief technology in a comfortable, ergonomic and simple-to-use medical device.

The Cefaly set includes:
  • Storage case
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Cefaly electrode
  • Skin-cleansing wipes
Package Detail Product Detail

Cefaly Headband is a patented system and bears the CE medical mark.

It has been designed and developed in accordance with the strictest quality standards, complying with directive 93/42/EEC pertaining to medical devices and with all associated international IEC standards.

STX-Med is ISO-certified:
  • ISO Medical 13485: 2003 (quality system specific to medical material)
  • ISO Medical 13485: 2003 under CMDCAS (Canada)
  • ISO 9001: 2008 (complete quality system)

Getting started

  1. Clean the skin to ensure the Cefaly electrode adheres well.
  2. Remove red tag to allow battery power to the device
  3. Position the electrode correctly with the narrowest part facing down and the lower edge midway between the eyebrows.
  4. Slip on the Cefaly Headband with the central part raised to the level of the forehead. Lower the device to engage with the pin on the patch.
  5. Press the button to start the session
    • One single press for attack treatment
    • Two successive presses for prevention
    • Three successive presses activate the anti-stress program
  6. The intensity and tingling will increase. If it becomes too intense, press the button again to stabilise the intensity at the present level for the remainder of the 20-minute treatment. For more effective results, increase the intensity as you become more used to the device.
  7. During a twenty-minute session, you can either relax or go about your business. Lift the central part of the device and detach it from the pin when removing.

*Do not drive or operate machinery while using the Cefaly device

Maximum Safety

Cefaly Headband: Clinical tests have confirmed Cefaly's effectiveness while scientific literature has demonstrated that Cefaly technology is safe and harmless. Proper use of Cefaly devices has been monitored with only very mild side effects reported in a few cases. The Cefaly is only contraindicated in the case of recent head injury (within the last 6 months). The only known side effects possible with use of the Cefaly are very mild ones.

Side Effects

Mild and completely reversible

  • Observed in 4.3% of patients
  • Most common: intolerance to the feeling of Cefaly on the forehead
  • Most severe: allergic skin reaction to the electrode (Latex allergy).
The most common side effects
  • Intolerance to the feeling of Cefaly on the forehead: 1.25%
  • Sensation of fatigue during and after the session: 0.65%
  • Headache after one session: 0.52%
  • Irritation of the skin on the forehead: 0.22%

All the substances and materials used are bio-compatible and have been subjected to skin testing.

The patented system bears the CE medical mark and has been designed and developed to comply with directive 93/42/EEC pertaining to medical devices and with all associated international IEC standards.

(If known latex allergy please contact for alternative.)

SNCH Certified ISO 13485 Registered

The Migraine Clinic can only ship Cefaly in NZ.

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